Chimney Sweeping

Clean your chimney at competitive price.

Regular cleaning of chimneys is essential for the safe and efficient performance of your appliance.

Very tarry chimneys present a higher risk of a chimney fire, even if swept regularly.

Fitting Service

Pots - replacing cracked or damaged pots.

Guards  - Fitting a bird guard elimitates the chance of a bird making its way down your chimney and making alot of  mess which can be costly to clean!

Cowls - There are many different types around. basic ones prevent birds and rain entering your chimney and the better ones can reduce the down draft and increase the draw of the chimney to reduce the chance of smoke blowing back into your room.

Chimney caps - Fitting a chimney cap on unused chimneys prevents birds and rain from entering your chimney and also reduces heatloss and draughts.


  •  Chimney sweep - £45
  • Bird Guards fitted - from £90
  • Chimney capped - £75
  • Cowls fitted - from £120
  • Chimney repointing - from £200
  • 300mm Pot fitted - £125
  • Chimneys linned from £800
  • Stoves installed
  • Hetas & NACS Certificates supplied

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